Names of Big Brother Africa housemates for season 9 Hotshots coming

big brother africa 006Organizers of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show will start releasing the names of the housemates for season 9, Hotshots on Thursday.

A press release made available to stated that the names of the housemates which traditionally does not get released till the opening day of the show will be made public in the days leading up to day 1 of the Hotshots.

“Three Big Brother housemates will be introduced on a daily basis starting from the 18th of September”

The statement added that the newly found Big Brother Africa house where the mates will be staying while they compete with each other for a 300,000 dollars pay day is still been worked on.

“The new and undoubtedly glamourous Big Brother house is in the process of being designed and fitted with cutting edge camera equipment and broadcast technology that makes the show unique in its format”

The show starts on Sunday, October 5th 2014 at 19:00CAT. Stay with for all the latest Big Brother Africa developments.

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