Alan K: I want to serve Ghana beyond what I can do for NPP

Alan KyerematenA presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has enlisted the help of floating voters in the country for the NPP to emerge victorious in the 2016 general elections.

According to Alan Kyerematen, unlike other politicians who may not value the thumbprints of floating voters in the country, he believes they play a significant role in the election of a Head of State.

A floating voter is a person who has not decided which way to vote in an election and may or may not vote consistently for a particular party.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Morning Show Kokrokoo, Alan Kyerematen expressed confidence in the floating voters and called on them to support his candidature as President of the nation.

He urged his party delegates to vote for him as flagbearer and further asked the floating voters to fix their eyes on him as the best person to lead Ghana come 2016.

He also called for support from the entire Ghanaian voter population to help him win the presidential slot.

He therefore warned the NPP not to underrate the power of the floating voter.

“I believe when Alan becomes the flagbearer of the NPP, those who won’t vote for NPP as a party but rather their focus is on the candidate; I believe they have faith that when Alan comes, he will be a candidate who will advance the progress of Ghana irrespective of the person’s political affiliation. I am hopeful that they see such character trait in me” that “my interest will be to serve Ghana beyond what I can do for my party.”

Source: peacefmonline

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