Global Evangelical Church ends synod

The five-day 2014 Synod of the Global Evangelical Church on theme “Walking with God, the Holy Spirit”, has ended at Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region.

Right Reverend Dr Edem K. Tettey, Moderator of the Church, in his key note address urged Ghanaians to thank God for the peace and protection the country is enjoying.

He said peace is very essential to the development of the country, hence the need for every Ghanaian to work towards it.

He said the challenges facing the country could not be solved only at the national level and leadership at the various sectors, institutions, departments and homes among others should see their roles as vital to national development.

“Since character and behaviour patterns are difficult to change, while we work on ourselves, we must prepare the future generation, that is, the children for a better Ghana.

“We must adopt national core values which must be taught and inculcated into our children from infancy so that they can grow to eschew the evil practices of society and adopt values like truth, honesty, and hardworking which are essential for nation building and development,” he said.

Rt Rev Tettey urged those concerned with the administration of justice to work hard to be fair to all.

He said the ongoing work at the Judgment Debt Commission is very revealing and the earlier steps are taken to arrest the judgment debt phenomenon, the better it would be for the nation.

He asked government to initiate tougher measures to fight corruption, as well as compelling those who are guilty of embezzling state funds to refund, in addition to serving the appropriate terms of imprisonment.

He said the Church would continue to be devoted to pray for the country, including using its platform to educate its members on national issues and their civic responsibilities.

In a speech read on his behalf, President John Dramani Mahama commended the Global Evangelical Church for consistently praying for the nation, in addition to helping to promote developmental activities.

He advised the leadership of the church to continue to take the light of the gospel to the unreached corners of Ghana, and make the message tangible to improve the lives and conditions of the people.

He said there is no denial that, Ghana is facing temporary challenges but gave the assurance that, with the help of God and through the expertise of key senior government officials, the problems would be solved very soon.

“As we apply our God-given talents and knowledge towards solving these problems, I wish to call on the Global Evangelical Church and the universal body of Christ to partner government in its quest to make our better Ghana agenda a reality for our people,” he said.

President Mahama said government would continue to put in measures to fight the cholera outbreak and also do everything possible to prevent Ebola from entering the country.

“We will also make a passionate appeal to the leadership of the Church and other religious bodies to make conscious efforts to educate all members on how to take precautionary measures to prevent Ebola,” he said. GNA

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