Lecturer calls for establishment of scientific toys shops

Professor Paul Kingsley Buah-Bassuah, a fellow at Ghana Academy of Arts and Science (GAAS) and lecturer at Cape Coast University, has called for the establishment of scientific toys shops to enhance creativity among the youth.

He said instead of setting up shops meant for baby dolls, there is the need for the establishment of shops dedicated to scientific toys and other electronic components in order to enhance creativity and innovation among the youth and professionals.

Prof Buah-Bassuah made the call at the GAAS Inaugural Lecture 2014 in Accra, on the theme: “Tailor light to task, sustainable development in Ghana.”

He said various electronic components that are to improve technology are underutilised as young scientists do not take it serious, especially since is not part of their everyday activities, thereby inhibiting their creativity in coming up with new inventions.

He said even though Ghana has abundance of Gold and other conductors, it needs a silicon valley where components for technological advancement could be fabricated.

He said total investment and availability of electronic components could help test various tasks and ideas for discoveries such as materials than could help tap solar energy at its highest efficiency.

“It is unfortunate and frustrating to count on your fingertips shops that deal with electronic components as this aspect of our science does not fall within the domain of investors.

“The promotion of new science parks, science projects and the use of logo for the prototype development of machines and concepts can prepare our young scientists to be actively involved in the science culture,” he said.

Prof Buah-Bassuah said the multi-purpose application of light in medicine, agriculture, energy and communications should be the panacea in developing technology for the welfare of mankind.

He said Ghana needs to appreciate research in all forms to tap the vast experience of scientists and technologists to impact passively on the lives of the people.

“We therefore have to establish national research fund to encourage young scientists to come up with new ideas and government needs to support such researches with incentives to boost efficiencies. The research and book allowance is also needed to encourage the publication of scientific results and patents and to enhance teaching and learning,” he said.

Prof F.K.A. Allotey, President of GAAS, said research has played a major role in the development of many countries and it is important government invest in the sector to ensure accelerated development. GNA

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