Ghanaian women 3rd most beautiful in Africa – Ranker

Emefa Adeti, Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2012Ghanaian women are the third most beautiful ladies in Africa, according to ranking site Ranker.

They were beaten to the top spot by Somalia and Djibouti in that order, suggesting Somalian ladies are the most beautiful on the Continent.

After Ghana are Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, Kenya, Rwanda and Seychelles – all fall within the first 10 African countries ranked according to beauty.

At the bottom of the 54-nation beauty ranking is the Central African Republic.

This suggests women from the CAR are the least beautiful on the Continent.

Apart from the CAR, the others at the bottom 10 include: Republic of Congo, 53; Swaziland, 52; Guinea Bissau, 51; Burkina Faso, 50; Equatorial Guinea, 49; Lesotho, 48; Malawi, 47; Chad, 46 and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 45.

Voting is done by visitors who click a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ icon placed right by pictures of national beauty queens of each of country.

Miss Ghana 2013, Naa Okailey Shooter’s photo is the picture attached to Ghana’s spot.

The more likes clicked by the site’s visitors – based on the picture they see – the higher a country climbs in the ranking.


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  1. Ghanaians can always deceive themselves, 3rd is not correct but 1st position in Africa. Mumusss

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