‘X Health Watch’ commences with free medical screening for the public

XFM and the Sangy Foundation successfully organized a health screening event for 200 individuals at the XFM premises over the weekend.

The maiden event forms part of the ‘X Health Watch’ which is a comprehensive programme designed to address health and sanitation issues.

Participants had a refreshing aerobics session which was conducted by FitVolution after which a health education forum was held to educate the public on Ebola, Cholera and personal hygiene. They were also schooled on how to manage the spine in order to avoid disorders which is believed to affect general health.

A team from Sangy Nursing Services examined and screened participants for breast cancer, hypertension and diabetes. Twenty people were diagnosed for hypertension and were advised to seek early treatment. Some of the cases were taken up by other partnering hospitals including a few cases of suspected breast cancer.

Through the benevolence of Nova Chiropractic Health Centre, participants were taken through a spine screening process and those with misaligned spine had it straightened. The public also had the opportunity to enjoy a free seat massage from the Chiropractors.

In an interview, a senior staff of XFM, Kwaku David underscored the need for everyone to be health cautious. He encouraged the public to actively participate in subsequent programmes. Kwaku David says he is expecting more partners to expand the scope of the ‘X Health Watch’ to have a bigger impact on society.

“We are always looking for people to partner with and that was one of our challenges. If you have an idea, you need to figure out ways to get it started, when you have evidence and people can see it as the real deal, many people will get involved,” he added.

Kwaku David disclosed that the next focus of the ‘X Health Watch’ will be blood donation.

“The next edition is likely to have a blood donation exercise. We feel there is a need for blood and very often the blood bank comes seeking for blood and I don’t think they should go that road”.

Co-Founder of the Sangy Foundation and C.E.O of the Sangy Foundation, Mrs. Sara Nana Yeboah was also delighted about the success of the programme and commended participants for making health issues a priority in their lives adding that, “turnout exceeded expectations. We were able to achieve our goals on educating the public on health. We thought we were going to have only young people but we also had children and the elderly who participated in the screening”.

On his part, the Marketing Manager of the Chiropractic Centre, Mr. Samuel Bansah advised the public to be cautious of the pressure they exert on their spines in their daily activities and advised every individual to have a routine spine examination. According to him, Chiropractic medicine is the “mother “of good health and a properly managed spine will help prevent several diseases due to its interconnectivity with many organs in body.

Source: David Apinga, XfmNewscenter.com

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