Ghana Rugby presents certificates to coaches

Ghana rugbyRugby coaches were for the first time presented certificates at the Ghana Rugby Stakeholder Forum 2014 (GRSF 2014) that took place at the Accra Sports Stadium Media Centre on.

Members of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) Board presented IRB (International Rugby Board) Level 1 Coaching certificates to 21 Ghanaian coaches after the completion of the GRSF.

President of the GRFU Herbert Mensah, said, “This is indeed a historic moment as Ghana coaches for the first time ever qualified as both Level 1 15s and Level 1 7s coaches.

“The reality is that IRB nominated trainers have been sent to Ghana in the past and it seems as though the selection of coaches to be trained were made without regards to whether they will be actively involved in training in Ghana, and without regards of the fact that training should have been done for both Level 1 15s and Level 1 7s.

“For the past 11 years, Ghana Rugby proclaimed that there are 40 qualified coaches in Ghana. The sad truth is that Ghana does not have one qualified coach as a Level 1 training certificate does not qualify the trainee as a coach. It is only after having completed a Level 2 course that the IRB acknowledges the coach as a coach.” He added

The presentation of Level 1 certificates the coaches followed a training programme conducted by David Dobela from South Africa. GNA

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