Patient in Sweden receiving suspected Ebola treatment

Ebola virus victimThe deadly Ebola disease virus is believed to have found its way to Sweden.

Authorities in Sweden reported on Sunday that a man who traveled to an Ebola affected area is currently receiving treatment for suspected Ebola infection at a Hospital in the Scandinavian country.

If confirmed, it will be the first Ebola case to be recorded in the country and only the second in Europe after the virus killed a Spanish priest who spent some time in Liberia at a hospital in Spain in August.

The Ebola disease virus outbreak started in Guinea in December, 2013 where the government declared a state of emergency in an effort to contain it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has tallied the number of Ebola related death at 1,552 as of August 26 2014.

Some of the worst hit Ebola areas are Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Senegal has also reported a suspected Ebola related death.


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