Conference on Anaesthetic Equipment and Usage ends

The West African College of Surgeons (WACS) in collaboration with Ghana Anaesthetists Society, has ended its 5th Conference on Anaesthetic Equipment and Usage, which aimed at updating Anaesthetists on Anaesthetic, Resuscitation and Critical Care equipment.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency (GNA), Dr Francis Ahiaku, Organiser of the Conference said WACS identified that the knowledge about anaesthetic equipment and its maintenance has been a problem within the sub-region, as such, decided to organise a conference annually to update practitioners on current development.

He said the role of Anaesthetists in the country is unknown to patients and cited examples where some of them undergo surgeries without their services.

Dr Ahiaku said the Surgeon upon performing an operation would focus on certain parts of the body, while the Anaesthetist would dwell on the whole body and also explain to patients, what to expect during and after surgery.

He said the conference usually provides the platform for users of the machines to interact with those who maintain it, however this year Biomedical Engineers did not participate actively.

Dr Ahiaku said the five- day conference began with a two- day workshop, during which the participants interacted with both local and international facilitators, and were taken through topics like gas production, storage, distribution and safety features within the system.

Mr Roger James Eltringham, Chairman and Medical Director of Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide, on behalf of his organisation and the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland donated 200 textbooks on Anaesthesia, as reference materials, 1, 200 to Ghana. GNA

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