Health authorities asked to intensify Ebola awareness

Reverend Dr Michael Tawia-Ransford, Human Resource and Administrative Director of Herbal Technology in Accra, has called on the health authorities to intensify education on Ebola.

He said awareness campaign should be waged for early reporting of symptoms related to the disease.

Dr Tawia-Ransford gave the advice when he granted an interview to Ghana News Agency about the ultra-modern herbal technology facility, which he said could detect Ebola.

The herbal technology, which is a scientific primary healthcare facility at Shiashie at East Legon in Accra, is equipped with non-contact infra-red thermometres and the multi-purpose all-in-one ultra-modern laboratory.

Dr Tawia-Ransford said the technology would soon inaugurate its new ultra-modern healthcare complex at Airport Ridge in Takoradi on Friday, September 5, to augment the services of its facilities in Accra and Kumasi.

He said the inauguration would coincide with free health screening, therapy, counselling and supply of food supplement drugs.

“This falls within the vision and mission of our facility of extending services to the… public in other areas with reliable, safe and secure alternative healthcare to all,” he said.

He said the facility has used African food to successfully reverse many degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, prostate cancer, stroke, hepatitis, fibroid, menstrual disorders and erectile dysfunction.

Dr Tawia-Ransford advised people to be cautious of their lifestyles to avoid ailments like cancers, heart diseases, stroke and hypertension.

He said fruits and vegetables contain components like antioxidants, vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’, potassium and phytochemicals prevent age-related diseases. GNA

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