Gil Technologies introduces new product

Gil Technologies, a UK based Ghanaian IT Company, has introduced onto the Ghanaian market Nextbook8 tablet which has 8GB of internal memory and the option to expand via Micro SD slot to 64GB more.

The Nextbook tablet comes preloaded with the Barnes and Noble NOOK for Android app and with one touch, customers can open their favorite book.

The Nextbook 8GB Memory 7.85″ Quad Core Tablet features built-in front and back cameras.

The Chief Executive Officer of GIL Technologies, Nana Boakye Acheampong, told the GNA that GIL was the company that believes in connecting the world.

“We want to show the capabilities of Technology in today’s business world. We strongly believe in our ethos; Greatness through simplicity. The OTG cable allows instant media and Microsoft office programme uploads to the tablet,” he said.

The Managing Director of Gil Technologies, Mr. Derick Addae said the company wanted to promote the use of Nextbook8 due to its affordability vis-à-vis other devices with similar functions on the market.

“We are a people-centred company and not profit oriented. In fact this tablet can favourably compete with the other known brands on the Ghanaian market; but how many of us can afford them,” he asked?

He said, Gil Technologies wanted to help the average Ghanaian worker to be able to acquire the tablet so as to become more productive, effective and efficient.

Giving the background, Mr. Addae said, Nextbook8 was a well known brand in the UK and the US among several countries, including Australia, China, and Dubai.

Statistics made available to the GNA showed that Nextbook8 was 10th in the US market and in the last quarter, it came second in the same market closely at the heel of Apple Ipad which is number one. GNA

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