Need for herbal practitioners to collaborate

Mr Gordon Anane-Baffoe, 51, a herbalist, has called for collaboration among herbal practitioners by sharing ideas and improving upon their activities and performances to save lives in the communities.

He noted that, there are many herbal practitioners in the country but each of them had the cure for some specific ailments, so the need to collaborate to make their operations efficient and effective.

Mr Anane-Baffoe, who is the Director of Sankofa Herbal Centre at Nkoranza, made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Nkoranza.

He stressed the need for herbal practitioners to refer cases above their competence to their colleagues capable of treating the patients or to the hospital, adding that, “We need to concentrate on the health care of the patients rather than on the monetary gains”.

Mr Anane-Baffoe expressed concern about herbal practitioners, who claim to have cures for all ailments as well as conjuring money for clients and even giving out lotto numbers and cautioned against that, saying that, “such acts will put the operations of herbal practitioners into disrepute.

He emphasised the need for herbal practitioners to register with the National Association of Herbal Practitioners (NAHP) to have the respect and appreciation from the general public.

Mr Anane-Baffoe appealed to authorities of prayer camps and religious leaders not to recognise herbal medicine as fetish because it is another aspect of healing from God. GNA

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