Cholera kills three in Ga West Municipality

Twenty three cholera cases had been reported at Ofankor near Amasaman, in the Ga West District .

So far three people had been reported dead, nine on admission and 11 treated and discharged at Amasaman Government Hospital.

Mr Raymond S. Agbodo, Assistant Chief Environmental Officer of Amasaman Municipal Environmental Health Office, disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview at Amansaman.

Mr Agbodo expressed concern about the poor sanitation conditions at Ofankor and appealed to the Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members to enforce the sanitation laws of the assembly.

Meanwhile, Ga West Municipal Assembly has formed a six member sanitation task force to ensure that the people in the municipality comply with the sanitation laws of the Municipal Assembly.

Mr Agbodo said the task force is headed by the Municipal Director of Health Services and it is to undertake health education campaigns, sensitize people to keep their surroundings clean and undertake regular communal labour to help prevent the spread of the cholera outbreak. GNA

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