Korle Bu Polyclinic congested with cholera cases

The authorities of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has asked the public to immediately send those showing signs of cholera to the nearest health facilities because the Korle-Bu Polyclinic is congested.

An official statement signed by Ms Gladys Ansong, Assistant Public Relations Officer, and copied the Ghana News Agency, in Accra, said the polyclinic would need three days (72 hours) to decongest.

“Due to the huge number of cases received at the Polyclinic, officials have had to turn the Out Department (OPD) and corridors into a makeshift clinical bay,” the statement said. “Some cholera patients are, therefore, receiving treatment on benches, chairs, wheelchairs and any available spot.”

Since April till date, more than 923 cholera cases have been reported at the Hospital’s Polyclinic, it said. Nine patients, including eight males and a female have died, while the Child Health Department has received 34 cases with no deaths.

The statement said while the Hospital takes steps to decongest the Polyclinic, the public must observe and undertake hygienic practices to ensure that they do not get infected with cholera.

Cholera is a severe watery diarrhoeral disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.

It is associated with vomiting, extreme dehydration, and kidney failure. It can spread easily with about 80 per cent of infected people not developing any symptoms.

The disease is contracted by eating foods and water that have contaminated faecal matter in them. One can also contract it through poor personal and environmental hygiene, contaminated clothes and unsafe water and insanitation facilities.

This year, the Greater Accra Region has recorded more than 4,500 cases of cholera with 45 deaths; as compared to 6,882 cases in 2012; and 22 cases in 2013. The Accra Metro has the highest number of cases, according to health officials. GNA

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