We have a tendency to downplay our own – Reggie Rockstone

REGGIE ROCKSTONEHiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone says he is surprised at people’s reaction to his comments that, if Ghana knew how passionate and determined BET award winner, Sarkodie was in moving Ghana music to the next level, “we wud build a statue of him!”

In an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers, Reggie Rockstone said his statement was only a figure of speech. Adding that, he made that comment because of the success chalked by Sarkodie.

According to him, “we (Ghanaians) have a tendency to downplay our own; Nigerians don’t do that! They big up their own. A lot of people give up half way. Look at my soldiers from back in the day; most of them gave up because Ghanaians will pull you down.”

He lamented how Ghanaians were quick to condemn and rather slow at commending people when they make significant strides in their area of work.

The originator of Hiplife reiterated that, even though his statement was a figure of speech, Sarkodie is worthy of a statue because he is making the country proud.

He advised that people should not trivialize the issue but look at how best to embrace Sarkodie.

Albert Benefo Buabeng

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