Fiancee of Ghana Black Stars Player in Sex Tape

Ghana Black Stars players selfieA leaked sex tape involving the fiancée of a Ghana Black Stars player did not come as a shock to a resident of Tamale who tells that the practice is becoming a norm in the mostly Muslim North.

Several women from Tamale including the fiancee of the Black Stars player were shown on ‘leaked’ video tapes having sex with a Canada based Ghanaian who is believed to be a son to a former District Chief Executive in the area. is told that the man whose identity is not yet known is based in Canada but visits Ghana very often.

The man who recorded his sexual episodes with the women according to our sources has flown back to his base in Canada after his recent visit to the country. Women who appeared on the tapes having sex with the man includes nurses among others.

An anonymous source in Tamale tells that the sex taping among women in Tamale and other parts of the country is rising at an alarming rate and therefor calls on the authorities to arrest the habit before it gets out of hand.

“This kind of thing in Tamale is very common these days, some of the videos just hasn’t gotten leaked out yet but plenty of such videos are on many people’s phones here in Tamale.”

The source further added that the police would have to step up efforts in prosecuting anyone who is caught posting sex tapes on social media in order to protect set-upped victims and children.

“Our children are also online, so those posting this videos whenever they come across them are poisoning our children and damaging the reputations of the innocent victims in some of the clips”.

Meanwhile, the Black Stars player whose fiancee appeared in one of the sex videos is said to be in disbelief since according to a pal who also wants to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter has done ‘everything’ for the woman.

“He feels as though he has been fooled by the lady because whenever he calls her she picked up and whenever he wanted them to meet they always did, so he does not understand how she managed to time planned everything to enable her live a double life and appear in sex tapes”

“A demand has been made to the girl’s family to return his bride price he prenseted to them”

The Tamale regional police has launched an investigation to find out who posted the sex tapes to the internet last Wednesday.


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