Telecom University graduates maiden PhD students

The Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) on Saturday held its eighth congregation in Accra during which its seven maiden PhD students graduated and it was in collaboration with Aalborg University, Denmark.

In addition 247 post-graduate students received degrees in various fields such as Supply Chain, Finance, Oil and Gas, Engineering and Management, Management Information Systems and Post Graduate Certificates in Advance Education from Coventry University.

Dr. Osei K. Darkwa, GTUC President, said eight years after attaining accreditation, the University College had moved from a modest, humble and challenging beginning and now well positioned as a college of quality and distinction, offering professional development programmes and quality tertiary education to over 5,000 students.

He said the university continued to be a self-financing institution, attracting an average yearly enrolment of 2,000 plus students at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels and 800 international students from 30 countries.

He said: “Consistent with global trends in higher education, we continue to forge new alliances with academic and industrial partner from various parts of the world.”

“Today, we have academic partners in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, India, South Korea, China and the United States. The African continent has not been left out. Within Africa, we have academic and training partners in countries such as South Africa, Benin, Kenya, and Republic of Gabon.”

Dr Darkwa said through their collaboration and partnerships, they had been able to build the capacity of their staff and faculty, brought cutting edge undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the people of Ghana, introduced cutting-edge educational technologies within their institution, implemented new educational models, and exchanged experiences and best practices.

“As we transition from a tradition brick and mortar university to a university that uses the technology of today to bring education to its students, it has become necessary to expand our base from our main campus in Accra to the regions of Ghana and the West African sub-region,” he said.

He said GTUC had opened regional campuses and learning centres in Kumasi, Koforidua, Ho and Takoradi and a learning and recruitment centre in Lagos.

He said as the student population increased, GTUC had deployed new online courses and additional campuses and learning centres would be established in order parts of the country and the sub-region.

The President said the regional spread would enable the university to achieve its goal of establishing an open educational system that would promote anytime, anywhere learning.

He said research and contribution to knowledge and national development was what defines an academic institution, adding that the University College recently upgraded its research unit with the establishment of the Office of Research and Innovation Centre.

Dr Darkwa said earlier in the year, GTUC won a World Bank grant through their collaboration with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET).

He said the Technology Research and Innovation Centre that funds Information and Technology projects such as a Solar Energy Training projects and the training of 1,000 Ghana Electrical Contractors Association members are all ongoing through COTVET initiative.

Dr Joyce Aryee, Executive Director, Salt and Light Ministries, said as technology continued to evolve at breakneck speed, global trade also continued to expand and social, political and environmental problems threaten stability and safety, great leaders were needed now than ever in all sectors of the economy.

She likened leadership to the California Oak Tree which has tap roots that can reach 60 feet deep to search for ground water and extensive root system that anchors it against storm conditions.

She said great leaders must grow deep roots by having strong characteristics such as integrity, vision, concern, creativity, result-orientation and courage.

Prof Walter S. Alhassan, GTUC Council Chairman, said the University College had received several international awards which had given it great recognition in Africa.

Dr David Pilsbury, University of Coventry Pro-Vice Chancellor, said his University places the partnership with GTUC on a very high pedestal and urged students to pursue educational programmes that are relevant to their works and the future.

Mr King Mensah Taylor, who graduated with a Master of Science Engineering Management, was awarded the Overall Best Student Award. GNA

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