Ghanaians urged to forgive one another

Dr Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, a US-based Ghanaian author and inspirational speaker, has appealed to Ghanaians to learn to forgive one another.

He said forgiveness was a necessary tool for national development and that the nation could not progress if its citizens habour bitterness against each other.

Dr Koranteng-Pipim was speaking to members of the New Life Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church at a conference at Koforidua.

He said forgiveness was one way Ghanaians could start thinking positively towards national development.

“In our personal or national lives we need to learn to forgive one another else bitterness will ruin our lives which in effect, will affect national development,” he said.

He suggested attitudinal transformation at individual level and advised Ghanaians to stop the blame game when things did not go the way they should.

“Let us stop warring among ourselves and make a commitment to let go all bitterness; this will send a ripple effect and in turn send forth a chain for development to be attained,” he said.

Pastor Samuel B. Allo, President of the East Ghana Conference of the SDA Church, urged Christians to shun the pull-him-down attitude both in their homes and at work places.

He urged them to wish their brethren well and offer support to build a united front for national development.

“It is time we Christians proved that we are the light of the world by showing the way of positive lifestyles to ensure development in Ghana,” he said. GNA

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