Salaried workers enroll onto the LEAP project

People working and receiving salaries managed to get enrolled onto the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme in the Upper-Manya Krobo District.

However, out of the vigilance of the District Assembly and its collaborators in the LEAP implementation team, such households were identified and dropped from the programme.

As a result, only 150 households are on the LEAP in the district although the district is one of the poorest in the region.

However, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) Media Auditing and Development Tracking Team gathered that a new classification had started and about 400 additional households have been earmarked to be rolled onto the LEAP.

These developments have brought a delay in the implementation of the LEAP in the District and payment has been made for only January and February 2014 with the remaining months outstanding.

This was found out by the GNA Media Auditing and Tracking of Development Project Team sponsored by STAR-Ghana to help promote grassroots participation in governance.

Despite the fact that the district is one of the three deprived communities in the region, it is having the lowest households of 150 among the 11 implementing districts in the region hence the restructuring to add 400 households.

Initially, the Upper-Manya Krobo District was part of the Lower Manya Krobo District and together had over 900 households benefiting from the LEAP programme making them the highest beneficiaries until the former was carved out.

The head of a household that has been newly profiled to benefit from the programme told the GNA Media Auditing and Development Tracking team that he was taking care of three orphans in addition to his five children and found it difficult to send all of them to school.

He said being onto the programme would enable him to send the children to school and called for the speeding up of the process.

Meanwhile, more households in deprived districts such as Afram Plains, West Akyem and Kwaebibrem have been rolled onto the programme. GNA

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