PSWU starts work on 10 million cedi hostel complex

The Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has begun the construction of a ten million cedi hostel complex to shore up its investment portfolio.

The complex, which is being sited at Tema Community 20, consists of an auditorium, multipurpose resource centre, restaurant, executive rooms, and a four storey hostel.

Mr Richard Ampaabeng, General Secretary, said labour unions all over the world were looking at ways of securing their finances and investments so that members would have something to fall on in moments of need.

He said welfare packages, speeches and labour education were not enough to convince workers that their dues are being judiciously.

Therefore, the facility would be run on commercial basis. However, he said, members of the PSWU would be entitled to discounts.

He said though the 25,000 member Union is funding the project from its coffers, well wishers locally and from the international community must support its efforts.

Mr Shan Quartey, Former Chairman of the Union, who initiated the acquisition process for the land in stressing the appeal for external support said, “It does not matter who started it all but what matters is who will help us finish it all.” GNA

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