GNAT unhappy with unpaid transfer grant of teachers

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has expressed unhappiness over Ghana Education Service’s (GES) failure to secure financial clearance before commencing mass transfer of teachers.

The Deputy General Secretary of GNAT, Mr Thomas Baafi, noted that before teachers are transferred the GES is supposed to secure financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance regarding their transfer grant and transportation expenses.

Mr Baafi, who is in charge of Educational and Professional Development, was speaking at the close of a five-day capacity-building workshop organised by GNAT and Canadian Teachers Federation for teachers in the Western Region.

The annual workshop is aimed at sharpening the skills and professional competencies of teachers to enhance teaching and learning.

Mr Baafi said some regional and district directors of GES have started mass transfer of teachers without any assurance from the Finance Ministry that their transfer grants and transportation expenses would be paid.

He said the concerns raised by GNAT followed previous failure by the GES to pay teachers legitimate entitlements.

“While we know that it is the right of the employer to deploy employees to where their services are most needed employees’ right to claim their legitimate entitlements should not be stifled,” he said.

The in-service training programme focused on English for basic and senior high school (SHS), Science for junior high school, Basic Design and Technology, Mathematics for basic and SHS, French, Education Administration for Basic School heads, critical issues of sanitation, malaria and HIV and AIDS.

Mr Baafi advised teachers to desist from absenteeism, alcoholism and any other negative attitude that tarnish the image of the teaching profession.

The Regional Director of Education, Mr David Affram, in a speech read on his behalf, advised teachers to desist from skipping difficult topics in the GES syllabus and rather research and consult colleagues who understand these topics better to enhance holistic teaching. GNA

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