e tv Ghana\Japan Motors launch corporate run

e.tv Ghana, in partnership with Japan Motors, on Thursday launched the 4th edition of their annual Corporate Run and Walk, targeting 400 participants.

The event is aimed at bringing corporate institutions in Ghana together to promote health and networking through team-building and physical activities.

It is scheduled to start on September 20 at the Silver Star Tower in Accra at 0600 hours.

Mr Ernest Arday, General Manager of e.tv Ghana said the main aim of the annual 5km Corporate Run was to provide a better platform for corporate officials to interact and socialize while engaging in healthy activities.

He said most Ghanaian corporate officers were unable to make time for such activities because of tight schedules and demanding jobs.

“We therefore hold this event annually to give them the opportunity to keep fit and stay healthy.”

He said registration is open to all corporate institutions and individuals interested in participating in the run.

Ms Hilda Peasah, Marketing Manager of Japan Motors said: “Our collaboration with e.tv Ghana works perfectly because the two companies share a common objective to promote healthy lifestyle through health activities while creating a unique platform for all corporate bodies to network and interact outside business settings.”

“This is the 4th time we are organizing the Corporate Run with e.tv Ghana and we are hopeful to see an increase in the number of corporate bodies and individuals this year. We hope to have 400 participants.”

She urged corporate institutions and individuals who wanted but did not get the chance to participate the previous year to join this year’s event to experience wonderful health.

The 5km run will start at 0600 hours at the Silver Star Tower, through to 37, past the Airport Roundabout and back to the Silver Star Tower.

Other activities to be held on the day include an exhibition, an awards ceremony, and medical screening. GNA

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