Natural organics limited launches sanitation products

Natural Organics Limited (NOL), producers of Most Valuable Hair Relaxer and dealers in sanitation products, on Tuesday launched two new products called Super Septic and Super Sewer Solutions (SSSSS).

The SSSSS is a NOL organic multiple enzyme bio catalyst agent that bio grades and digest organic contaminants in industrial and domestic waste.

It is also a blend of super aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms and enzymes selected for the degradation of organic waste, Mr Sandy Osei-Agyemang, President of NOL said at the launch in Accra.

He said the solution which is a 100 per cent organic environmental friendly as well as harmless to people and animals was a high performance, non-toxic, non-allergic and biodegradable multiple enzyme degreaser that controlled and removed any odour.

“SSSSS is a combination of naturally fermented organic materials combined with non-ionic surfactants and microbiologically stimulating ingredients which greatly improves waste treatment facility capabilities by stimulating bacterial growth”, he said

Mr Osei Agyemang said the SSSSS eliminates odours, flies and reduces pit and septic tanks level as its usage helps to liquidify solid waste adding “It is also a strong and effective surfactant compound useful for removal of grease and oil contaminants”.

Speaking at the news conference for the launch, the President of NOL explained that the usage direction of SSSSS for residential homes, offices and hotels lasts for first month of its usage when used for the first time.

“Pour one sachet in a toilet bowl and flush per one month while with high volume toilet usage such as schools, public toilets and other community based latrines users need to pour two sachets per toilet every month to kill all potential hazards that causes related problems.

“But however, when used there should be the avoidance of other detergents or chemicals as the usage of these substances will destroy the natural organisms in the product,” he said.

Mr Osei-Agyeman observed that SSSSS work in two distinct and interrelated modes namely the inherent detergency and the enzymatic digestion.

“This is to say the inherent detergency is associated with the phenomena of wetting the surface tension reduction and emulsification to promote dissolution of contaminants in the aqueous phase while the latter otherwise known as the enzymolysis comes with the decomposition or conversion of contaminants by one or more enzymes”, he noted.

He urged the public to patronise the use of SSSSS to help bridge the sanitation gap in the country and Africa at large especially when it had been approved by Food and Drug Authority, Accra Metropolitan Assembly and was being used extensively in South Africa, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo as well as Liberia.

“Ghana my beloved country let’s use SSSSS to improve our sanitation conditions to help us set ourselves apart from the 40 per cent world population that do not have access to improve sanitation and be part of the 14 per cent with improved sanitation for a healthy living generation,” Mr Osei- Agyemang added. GNA

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