The Interpretation Of The Five John’s Who Were The Presidents Of The Nation Ghana

Ghana is a prophetic nation; this is where the Garden of Eden is located, where the 1st creation took place that is why the Kingdom of God has been given to her. Ghana is known as “In the beginning” She is the origin of all and has given birth to all the nations, languages, races tribes ethnic groups, peoples etc…….When we talk of Ghana, She is God Almighty – “God Has A National Assignment” – GHANA. God has an assignment for Himself – to establish His glorious and peaceful Everlasting Kingdom, to take dominium over His creation and rule over them forever. This Kingdom was once in existence in the invisible (unseen) world which He has decided to bring down into the visible world. For this reason all that was in the unseen world must be brought into the visible world; that was why the sacrificial death 2000 years ago in Israel; so that the nations over which they will rule and everything that will be needed for the rulership will come into existence (that is the 2nd creation) and also for the everlasting Covenant to be made.

The everlasting Covenant is the Ghana flag.

The Red is the blood that was shed by the Lamb of God 2000 years ago in Israel which stands for (1) salvation, life, deliverance, redemption, freedom and (2) judgment, death, destruction. He has now come as the Supreme Judge to sit on the Bema Judgment throne (Bema Seat) to judge satan, all his generations and end them totally as He brings freedom to Africa and the 4 corners of the earth from the bondage and the captivity in which they have been all along.
The Yellow in the middle stands for the endless abundant wealth and the richness of the Kingdom of God.

The Green stands for life, that God Almighty has come to give life in abundance to His children. It also stands for wisdom; He will rule the 4 corners of the earth in wisdom because He is the wisdom.
The Black star is the Lord Jesus Christ; the star that appeared 2000 years ago is the same star but now black because He has been born in a black continent – Africa.

2014 is the set time for the beginning of the rulership. This is the 14th generation according to Matthew 1: 1 – 17. God Almighty does reveal and announce Himself in every 14th generation, ruling through men. So from 2000 years ago in Israel to this 2014 is another 14th generation. This is the last generation in that, God the Father and God the Son have come as one (the 21st Century) to sit on their thrones, take their rightful places in all the nations of the whole world, end satan and his generations, wash the whole globe, gather all the nations, unite and make them one under one Kingdom which is His, and rule over them forever, as One King, One God, One Prince and One shepherd. He will provide for everybody, shelter all, feed all, giving total peace and joy to all His children.

The 5 Presidents who were all Johns have therefore been sent ahead of the Great and the Mighty King – Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as Prophets to announce and reveal Him and His glorious and peaceful everlasting Kingdom to all the leaders and the nations of the whole world.

1. DR. JOHN KWAME NKRUMAH: He was the first president of this nation who came as Moses and Joseph. As Moses, it was through him that God Almighty gave independence to Ghana. He was the one who said “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa”. As Joseph, He became a Prime minister in Guinea (foreign land), where he stayed till his death. Just as the mortal remains of Joseph was taken from Egypt to Canaan, so was his also carried from Guinea to Ghana to be buried.

2. MR. JERRY JOHN RAWLINGS: He was the second president of the nation. He came as Elijah and David. As Elijah, God Almighty used him to bring judgment on all the wicked and eliminated them from the world; also all the works of the devil and their worshipers were silenced. As David, he was on the field working, brought about equality, the prices of commodities became lower than before, there was discipline, there was accountability and there was peace.

3. MR.JOHN AGYEKUM KUFFUOR: He was the third president of the nation and came as King Solomon to build the jubilee house (the palace for the King of Kings) as King Solomon built the temple for the Lord. He also revealed how the King of Kings will be travelling across the length and breadth of the four corners of the earth.

4. PROFFESSOR JOHN EVANS FIIFI ATTAH MILLS: He was the fourth president of this nation and was father Abraham who came back to life to see the land that God Almighty promised him according to the Word of God. He revealed and demonstrated God to leaders all over the world. He spoke about the father of all nations, the better Ghana Agenda and was finally named ASOMDWEHENE. He came to see the land promised him, went to the Whitehouse to see where his Son Isaac (in the person of Jesus Christ) will be seating to rule the four corners of the earth. Just after that, he died. His death also revealed how leaders of the various nations will be touching down here when the King of Kings takes His seat.

5. MR.JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA: He is the fifth president of this nation. He has come as King Saul who will not listen to anybody and will not look at faces no matter who you are. His words are always final and that is one of the characteristics of God Almighty. He is therefore the last John and whose term of office will not end. After him comes Christ the King whose rulership marks the freedom of Africa and the total liberation of the whole world from slavery and captivity. He is just holding the fort for Christ the King. No John comes again. 2014 is the year of the Covenant which marks the beginning of the new world where God Almighty with His Son as one (the 21stcentury) will seat on their thrones and rule over the whole world forever.


What all must know is that, all the powers in heavens and on earth are in this country (Ghana) because the covenant ARK that was once carried in Israel has now become human being in this nation and it is through Him only can deliverance come to Africa and the whole world. The covenant ARK is Christ the King and the Father, the Unseen God, dwells in Him. They created the heavens and the earth and everything in the world. It will therefore take them alone to end satan, the wicked one and all his generations forever in order to bring freedom to His children. It will take them alone to gather all the nations, unite them as one nation under their rulership and feed them. It will take them alone to establish the glorious and the peaceful everlasting Kingdom they have promised.

By Gloria Tawiah

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