Filling Stations still without fuel

Commercial drivers in Osu on Thursday said current fuel shortage in Accra is affecting their daily sales, and called on the government to addressed the issue immediately to bring normalcy into the transport business.

Fuel shortage has hit the capital, Accra, since Monday, due to government’s 1.8-billion-Ghana-Cedi indebtedness to the Bulk Distribution Companies (BDC).

When the Ghana News Agency (GNA) got to Osu and its environs, pump attendants were spotted signalling customers that there was no fuel. Meanwhile, drivers had packed their cars in long queues closer to filling stations with the hope of getting fuel.

Those who had little left in their tanks were on the look-out for passengers who were willing to pay extra money for “dropping”.

The BDCs said they are unable to supply petroleum products, because the banks are reluctant to give them credit due to the mounting debt.

Mr Henry Appiah, Assistant Manager at the Total Filling Station on the Oxford Street, said they are only retail outlets and cannot offer any solution to the problem.

“It is not our fault. If the fuel is here, we will sell,” he added.

He said his outlet sells over 10,000 litres a day, but they were only supplied 9,000 litres yesterday which ran out within a few hours.

“As we speak, we have no fuel. The people who can salvage the situation are Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and the BDCs,” he added

Mr Coffie Zowonu, a taxi driver, told the GNA he had parked his car to save the little fuel he has, so he can drive to the nearest fuel station if fuel arrives.

Mr Eugene Boadu, a private car owner, sitting in his Opel Cadet, said he was very worried because he was not sure the fuel in his tank could take him to work.

“I just pray the car won’t stop on the way. They claim we might have fuel on Monday but can I wait that long?” he asked

While some customers saw the situation as one motivated by hoarding on the part of the filling stations, the managers said that they had genuinely ran out of stock, and were awaiting their consignments. GNA

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