Bloody Fight In NPP

NPP Ghana logoSome of the guards weilding cutlasses and Police operative taking position at the NPP headquarters yesterday

The internal wrangling and power struggle in the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) was carried to another level yesterday when two security groups clashed over control of the party office.

This sent many supporters rushing to the place to ascertain things for themselves, as the two groups openly traded blows.

The misunderstanding, which eventually led to the closure of the offices, erupted in the early hours of yesterday when staff of the headquarters at Asylum Down in Accra, had started reporting to duty.

This was when a group of unidentified young men, numbering about 20, stormed the place with the intent to take over the security duties, thereby preventing the regular security guards, known as ‘Invisible Forces,’ from carrying out their duties.

They prevented some headquarters staff from entering their offices to perform their normal duties.

Two of them, identified as Delaso and Gado, followed presidential hopeful Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, raising concerns that the perceived cracks in the current party administration was widening.

“The style of administration of the new ‘king’ is meant to clear the tables of people perceived to be against him and providing jobs for his boys,” a party bigwig confided in DAILY GUIDE.

The scuffle is the latest in a string of confusions that have greeted the Afoko administration after the Tamale conference.

Last month, Director of Finance and Administration of the Party, Opare-Hammond, was equally shoved aside and replaced by Kwabena Agyapong’s aide, a certain Tetteh, making it look like ‘family and friends’ administration, where people who they perceive can pose a threat to them are shown the exit.


Asked what the mission of the ‘invaders’ was, they were reported to have told party staff that they had been asked to assume security duties at the place but would not say who had instructed them to take over.

This brought about a heated argument between the two groups, compelling a member of the Invisible Forces to call for reinforcement since they could no longer contain the situation.

Controversial NPP activist Hajia Fati Amadu had a field day insulting some key and influential members of the NPP whom she blamed for the current wrangling in the party.

Within a very short time, about 13 young and energetic members of the Invisible Forces arrived at the party’s head office brandishing machetes and clubs, resulting in some clashes.

In the heat of the scuffle, some of the marauding young men dismantled a portion of the main gate and broke the glass of a sliding door.

An elderly man who had gone to the place to greet the national executives was wounded in the process. This sent fear-gripped staff of the place running for their lives.

The Invisible Forces, however, managed to overpower members of the ‘incoming’ group and drove them away.


Moments later, a team of about 40 armed policemen led by Accra Regional Police Commander DCOP Christian Tetteh Yehonu arrived at the scene in 10 pick-up vehicles to restore peace.

Interestingly, an aide to the NPP General Secretary, Davis Opoku Ansah, had written on his Facebook wall: “first of all, no security person has been sacked from the NPP headquarters. They were told they will undergo some training to sharpen their delivery.”

He claimed, “This morning (referring to yesterday), a professional security came in to start the process and the old guards felt they were being removed thus resorted to violence. The situation is calm now….”

His assertion provoked heated comments.

Later, the 1st National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay, arrived at the head office together with the National Organiser, John Boadu and the National Treasurer, Kwabena Abankwa Yeboah, to attend a scheduled meeting.

They were greeted by the ugly scene and compelled to address the anxious media over what the national executives described as a “little fracas.”

“We’ve asked the security to continue their work…we will find out. We’ve tried to get in touch with the Chairman. Maybe the instruction might have come from him but we are not too sure at the moment. The Steering Committee too has not taken any decision of that sort and therefore we will wait and have a meeting to find out more,” Mr Blay told the media.


The vehicle of NPP General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong, was hit by the irate youngsters when he arrived at the place, with some party faithful. The police had to provide him security before he could walk to his office.

Some party supporters, including the headquarters staff who witnessed the confusion, expressed grave concern about current happenings in the party.

“This attitude of getting rid of everything and everybody is what has landed the new executives where they are today. The Invisible Forces are the very young men who dedicated their time, energy and fought for the party during the elections and you think you can just get rid of them?” a worried party supporter asked rhetorically.

He said, “Members of the group are bodyguards to almost all our former ministers and some prominent members of the party, including current the chairman of the party.”

“The security man at the general secretary’s private office at Kanda is a member of the Invisible Forces so why are they trying to get rid of them?” he wondered.
Source: Daily Guide

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