Bagbin: I want to be president

Alban BagbinAlban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, Former Minister and Member of Parliament for Nandowle Kaleo have nursed the ambition to become President of Ghana for a very long time.

He said “I was in Secondary School form five, when my headmaster asked me what I wanted to become and I said President of Ghana.”

Begbin was speaking on TV3’s current affairs Programme “Hot Issues” last Saturday.

He said “I am a political animal and there cannot be anything wrong with wanting to become President of Ghana.”

According to him, he has been very close to President Mahama and they have had very serious discussions.

In one of those discussions, Bagbin said he told President Mahama that he would support him for President because at the time, the president was better qualified for the job.

“I spent all my resources and those of my family to help him to become President and I am not going to contest him in the 2016 elections,” he said.

Bagbin said he has some disagreements with President Mahama especially over key appointments at the Presidency.

He said some of those appointees do not have the requisite experience and party credentials.

Bagbin said the NDC cannot move forward with sycophants and boot lickers.

“The party’s progress depends on hard working loyalists who will stand for the truth at all times,” he said.

Source: The Insight

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