Ghanaian invents energy economy cooker

The Mensah Economy Cooker, an energy economy cooker invented by Mr Jacob Kow Mensah, a Ghanaian Scientist and Energy Expert, will be launched on Wednesday June 25 at the Teachers’ Hall in Accra.

Mr Kwesi Addae, Press Secretary of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Project, in a statement, copied to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday, explained that what is unique about the invention is that, unlike other comparable cookers, it cuts cooking time and cost by close to 75 per cent, by duplicating the cooking points from one boiling source.

Mr Addae further explained that food items placed in cooking utensils and stacked one upon the other would start cooking from steam arising out of the single boiling source.

“The aim of the launching event is not only to get such a marvelous invention known, but also to get possible investors to consider entering into manufacturing partnership with the inventor,” Mr Addae stated.

He urged government officials, industrialists, financial institutions, students and staff of technical institutions and the public, to attend the media launch. GNA

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