Government asked to invest in sanitation

The Head of Administration at Zoom Alliance, Benjamin Amankwah, has called on government to invest in sanitation management because of the huge returns on investments.

Speaking to students of the Hotels, Catering and Institutional Management Department of Accra Polytechnic, Mr Amankwah said investment in sanitation management has a lot of benefits, adding that the achieving the Millennium Development Goal on sanitation would result in $66 billion annual economic benefit.

The theme for the seminar is: “The role of Sanitation and Hygiene in Healthy Living.’

Mr Amankwah said the lack of public interest in proper waste management had affected sanitation issues in the country with the resultant effect of disease outbreaks.

He said the overall aim of Zoom Alliance, as private waste management company is to keep communities clean and urged everybody to do the same to achieve the overall goal of ensuring a healthy nation that is productive at all spheres.

According to him, Zoom Alliance offers support to institutions such as Accra Polytechnic, sanitations clubs and other non-governmental organisations with similar goals to clean and educate the public about environmental cleanliness.

He said keeping a clean environment and hygiene are responsibilities of the state and the communities concern, adding that a clean sanitation and good hygienic condition are measured by the less public health incidents at the health centres and a higher national productivity.

Mr Amankwah said improved sanitation reduces national expenditure on poor sanitation related cost, as well as lead to social development.

For example, schools with better sanitation facilities attract and retain students, particularly girls.

He, therefore, called on the public to embrace the importance of good hygiene to improve the sanitation situation in Ghana.

Mr Amankwah said improved sanitation helps sustain the environment, adding: “At present, more than 200 million tonnes of human waste and vast quantities of waste water and solid waste go uncollected and untreated around the world, fouling the environment and exposing millions of people especially children to disease and squalor.”

The company donated some waste management equipment such as shovels and wheel barrows to the school to help keep the environment clean. GNA

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