Sunyani On The Verge Of Losing Its Reputation As The Cleanest City In Ghana

“Sunyani”, the capital of the Brong-Ahafo Region, over the years was voted as the cleanest city in Ghana by the Ghana Tourist Board.

During the Award giving ceremony, the citation said “this cleanliness and freshness of the sights and sounds of this city makes it the toast of many a visitor to the Brong-Ahafo region”. It continues to employ effective sustainable waste disposal and traffic management practices.”

Can we still say same about Sunyani today?

The answer to this question is a big no because Sunyani is gradually losing it’s reputation as the cleanest city in Ghana.

My visibility checks in some parts of the city: [Penkwase, New Dormaa, New Town, Estate, The Zongo community, Area 1 to 4 and the Bosoma market] clearly indicates that filth is gradually taking over Sunyani. And it’s as a result of the littering habits of Ghanaians.

If we, as a country, accept this reality, then a solution must be found to it by educating the public about the need to keep clean environments and stop littering the streets.

Although the MCE, Hon. Kwasi Oppong Ababio once said “to maintain cleanliness in the Municipality, the Assembly would soon come out with byelaws to instruct all shops and store owners to place dustbins in front of their shops and stores.”But as at now nothing of that sought has been made.

Clearly, the government must work on the mental focus of the people because that is the only way the country can ensure clean environments. To achieve this, I suggest that the various assemblies or local authorities liaise with the radio stations which can break the illiteracy barrier, to consistently educate the public about the need to keep clean environments. For instance, the radio stations can use part of their morning show programmes to appeal to the conscience of the people to stop littering the streets and stuffing gutters with garbage.

The recycling of plastic and other waste could generate a lot of employment. Also another alternative is to outsource garbage collection to private contractors as it may be cheaper and efficient. However, contracts should be awarded to contractors on merit in terms of their expertise and capacity. For example, Zoom Lion is one such contractor doing a commendable job yet they lack capacity. The question is,`does it have the equipment, trucks and technical know-how to deal with the mammoth task of garbage collection and waste disposal in the city?


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