Two Nursing Officers testify in murder trial

Two senior nursing officers on Monday testified in the case of General Constable Ebenezer Owusu, who is being held for allegedly shooting and killing a senior police officer and another person, at the residence of the former Volta Regional Minister in 2008.

Madam Margaret Akua Appiah of the Volta Regional Hospital who first mounted the witness box narrated how she first saw how the late Superintendent (Supt) of Police T.T Nartey was ushered into one of the wards at the hospital.

Led in evidence by Mr Anthony Rexford Wiredu, Chief State Attorney, Madam Appiah said on June 2, 2008, she was on duty at the Male Surgical Ward of the Volta Regional Hospital.

At about 0800 hours, the second prosecution witness said Supt. T.T Nartey was brought in from the theatre after a surgery had been carried out on him.

According to the witness, Supt. Nartey had stitches on his fore head, his right arm and his abdomen.

Madam Appiah said Supt Nartey was conscious and was in a stable condition.

Later, witness said she had information from a former District Chief Executive of Ho that Supt. Nartey was to be transferred to the 37 Military Hospital, Accra for further treatment.

The witness said she immediately called the surgeon who also prepared the deceased, so that he could be flown to Accra.

According to her, she also assigned Madam Florence Dumogah a nurse to accompany Supt Nartey to Accra.

Witness said, later she heard that Supt. Nartey had passed away.

Answering questions under cross-examination by defence counsel Mr Ayikoi Otoo, Madam Appiah said she had no idea as to how the deceased sustained injuries.

According to the witness, she was not present when Supt. Nartey was brought to the hospital.

“All I saw was that Supt. Nartey had been brought from the theatre. I was not present when he (Supt. Nartey) sustained the injuries,” witness added.

Madam Florence Dumogah confirmed that she was assigned by Madam Appiah to accompany the deceased to the 37 Military Hospital where she also handed him over to the authorities.

“I have no idea of how the deceased sustained injuries,’’ the witness added.

Charged with manslaughter and murder, Owusu has pleaded not guilty before a seven-member jury, and is currently on remand.

He is said to have shot and killed Daniel Dzikunu Agbale instantly, and wounded Superintendent of Police Mr Theophilous T. Nartey, who died three days later at the 37th Military Hospital.

The case of the prosecution was that, Owusu was stationed at Ho and was later transferred to the Tamale Police Workshop.

On June 6, 2008, Owusu and General Constable John Ofori Ankomah were on duty at the residence of Mr Dzamesi and at about 2100 hours, Agbale went to the former Regional Minister’s residence but he was prevented from entering.

Agbale, the prosecution said, however managed to enter the residence, when Owusu went out to see his girl-friend off and he was informed about the incident.

Owusu then proceeded to Supt. Nartey’s office and informed him about the matter.

The prosecution said Supt. Nartey followed up to the residence of the former Regional Minister, where a struggle ensued between Agbale and Owusu.

Owusu, who was armed with an AK 47 rifle, shot and killed Agbale and Supt. Nartey also got wounded.

Supt Nartey was rushed to the hospital, but later transferred to the 37th Military Hospital where he later passed on. GNA

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