Parents advised not to leave children’s education in hands of politicians

Parents have been advised against absolutely entrusting their children’s education in the hands of politicians, no matter their social and economic circumstances.

They should rather strive to mobilize resources by themselves to take total control over the education of their children, and only seek for support from politicians when the need arises.

Alhaji Amin Amidu Sulemani, Minister for Roads and Highways gave the advice during the general meeting of the Sissala West District Assembly in Gwollu.

“Some politicians are greedy, they will tell you that they will do it, but in the end they will end up disappointing you,” he stated.

Alhaji Sulemani who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sissala West, noted that he would not relent on his efforts as the MP in contributing towards the development of a vibrant human resource base for the district.

In this regard, he had established an Education Fund managed by an independent committee and that reports reaching him from the committee indicate that a total amount of GH₵45,000 has already been disbursed to support students from the district.

The Roads and Highways Minister said he has also arranged with the Assembly for the release of an amount of GH₵12,000 from the MP’s share of the Common Fund to the Education Fund, to enable more students to keep benefiting.

Alhaji Sulemani noted that in order for their school children to keep pace with the world driven by technology, he had procured 20 laptops for distribution to two basic schools in the district.

He is also making available 650 school uniforms for distribution to needy school children in the district.

A Nissan double cabin pickup purchased through auction had also been refurbished to be donated to the Hilla Limann Senior High School, to ease the transportation needs of the school.

Alhaji Sulemani said he had also initiated through the Sissala Rural Bank, the Sissala West Women Development Fund with and amount of GH₵20,000 intended to economically empower various women groups to undertake small-scale businesses.

“The only way to reduce poverty in our district is by investing in the education of our children and empowering our women to undertake viable economic ventures,” he noted.

The Minister said he had also authorized the Assembly to pay health insurance premium for a total of 2,200 aged, women and children within the district out of the Social Investment Fund.

“It would be unacceptable and also unpardonable for a single life to be lost due to inability to afford the cost of health care”, he stressed.

In the area of roads, the Roads and Highways Minister indicated that government was making efforts to improve on the infrastructural level in the district.

In this regard, work on the tarring of the Gwollu town roads has just started, while work was currently on-going to upgrade the Gwollu – Tumu road.

Alhaji Sulemana said works would equally be carried out on the Fielmuo – Gwollu road, Zini – Jeffisi road, Puzene – Tiwii – Fielmuo – Chetu 3km road, Fielmuo – Kankaduali – Bukpal 10.2km road and the Fielmuo clinic – Gapare 3.8km.

Other roads scheduled to be worked on in the district include; Jeffisi – Timmie 6.5km road, Kuala – Paana 3.5km road, Jeffisi – Zini 18km road, Jawia – Kusali 5km road and Bullu – Sangbaka 9.5km road.

He said Jawia – Jutong road had been completed while Silbelle – Kupilima – Gbarima – Jawia road would be repackaged and awarded to a different contractor because of the non-performance of the first contractor.

Alhaji Sulemana said government was very much concerned about the welfare of the citizenry, and was, therefore, working had to truly and satisfactorily deliver to improve on the general living standards of the people. GNA

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