NDC UK/Ireland Salute Workers Of Ghana

On behalf of the NDC UK/Ireland, I wish to congratulate all workers of Ghana on the occasion of workers day celebrations. We salute them for their hard work and contribution towards the development and growth of Ghana.

We urge workers to take a sober reflection on their efforts and contributions towards the nation building and development. Much as we celebrate their efforts and contributions, we believe there is much more they can give. So on the occasion of workers day celebration it is our hope that they will re-dedicate themselves to the service of Ghana, re-double their efforts and give more and extra to the development of our country.

We must all increase our output and improve productivity. We believe the only way we can meet the challenges facing the country and the economy is to work harder and extra in order to be able to sustain the huge expenditure of the country, make the necessary investments in the education and training of the youth so they can be in the position to pay our pensions. We are all in this together and believe we can count on the galant workers of Ghana.

May The Lord continue to bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

Long live Ghana, Long live the workers of Ghana.

Kofi Kwakye
Chairman NDC UK/Ireland

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