Churches packed as Christians mark Easter

Churches and other worship centres in Kumasi were fully packed as Christians in the metropolis joined peoples across the world to celebrate Easter – the resurrection of Christ.

Hymnal and gospel songs filled the air, as worshippers, majority of them dressed in white, waved handkerchiefs, danced gracefully and with tremendous energy, in praise of God.

Roads running through the metropolis, which are usually clogged with bumper-to-bumper traffic, are virtually empty and the normal chaotic scenes at the Kejetia lorry terminal, the Central Market and Adum Business District, absent.

The Most Reverend Professor Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church, the Province of West Africa, in his message, said the death, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ should give hope to society.

Easter, he said, “is a time to celebrate our salvation and calls for peace, unity, and reconciliation”.

He underlined the need for Christians to let their deeds reflect their faith, telling them that, as they renewed their baptismal vows, “we are being reminded that in our baptism, we resurrect into a new life of righteousness”.

Saying the mass at the Ejisu Saint Anthony Catholic Church, the Rev Father Gregory Amponsah-Nkansah, asked the congregation to critically re-examine their lifestyles to determine the extent to which they have had a positive influence on society.

They should not only proclaim Christ, they must reflect the values he stood for and taught about love, selflessness, sacrifice and self-discipline.

He urged them to use Easter “to re-affirm their faith and commitment to do what is right and to go to every length to bring relief to the poor, the sick and the neglected”.

People, who stayed out of the chapels and church auditoriums, celebrated the joyous occasion of the “Messiah’s” resurrection with much fun at Bosomtwe Lake Resort. GNA

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