Spain expert calls for expansion of forensic science

Professor Maria De La Paz Aguilar Caballos, Programme Leader, Erasmus Mundus Maters in Forensic Science, University of Cordoba, Spain, has said with crimes becoming sophisticated worldwide, there was the need for sophisticated methods such Forensic Science to solve them.

She said crimes such as cybercrime, money laundering, sexual assault, terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, fraudulent clothes and luxurious car production, serial killings and drug addiction needed well trained and skilled people to solve.

Prof Caballos said this during a public lecture on the topic “The Importance of Forensic Science Education in the contemporary World” organized by the University of Cape Coast School of Biological Science Department of Biomedical and Forensic Sciences at Cape Coast.

The lecture chaired by the Pro-Vice chancellor Professor John Nelson Buah was attended by representatives from the Ghana Police, Fire, Prison Services and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) as well as professors, heads of departments and faculties and students.

It was under the theme “Forensic Science and Criminal Justice”.

Prof Caballos said with the sophisticated nature of crime in the world today, there was the need to adequately train people especially security agencies with the requisite skills and talents and called for collaboration between nations to help track down criminals.

She said it was imperative to establish networks and also share information among nations to crack down on such sophisticated crimes and explained that forensic science helped to provide scientific evidence to support judicial systems.

Prof Caballos said to help produce more forensic scientists it was imperative for universities to place emphasis on the subject and provide equipment to train more forensic scientists and commended UCC for introducing forensic science education in its curriculum.

Prof Buah said forensic science was important in the delivery of justice and that some criminals had gone scot free because of the lack of evidence and added that forensic science must support the judicial system.

He suggested exchange programmes for both students and lectures of UCC and the Cordoba University to enable them to learn from each other.

He said he was happy that the Ghana Police Service had a well-equipped forensic laboratory and appealed to the Police Administration to train more police in forensic science to enable them manage the facility more efficiently. GNA

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