MUSIGA is worse than useless – Wanlov

WANLOVWanlov De Kubolor, a member of the controversial music group FOKN Bois has descended hard on the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) for failure to exercise its duties as an organization.

Wanlov in an interview with Bra Chef on Tuesday’s edition of the mid-morning show, Brucnh2Lunch on Radio Univers said that MUSIGA, headed by Obour is worse than the word useless. According to him, the musicians union is doing nothing to help Ghanaian musicians to gain from their music.

He said MUSIGA’s job is to seek the interest of its members but they have been unsuccessful in doing that for musicians which makes them worse than the word ‘useless’.

“The biggest issue of all is the royalties system. The playlist by radio stations are not recorded and reported to collection agencies like BMI, PRS and all these bodies that collect royalties for musicians around the world. That should be the priority of MUSIGA, to implement playlist recording so that musicians can start making royalties. These are the things that keep the work growing.” he said.

He continued that “the listeners are listening to the radio stations because the musicians are on there so they (musicians) need to be compensated so that you (radio stations) can collect that money from advertisers who want to sell their products. We are not taking care of musicians with royalties and if that is not fixed, everything else will be bad”

Wanlov added that it is MUSIGA’s job to work on royalties “but not tell musicians to come together, we should be peaceful, we should be this and that. No!”

Source: Zionfelix

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