Stop depending on politicians – Wanlov advises

WANLOVWanlov De Kubolor was on XFm sometime with his brother Mensa. The two in the studio talked about many issues concerning the country especially the economic affairs.

Before then, he had said on the mid-morning show ‘Brunch2lunch’ on Radio Univers with Bra Chef that NPP and NDC are playing table tennis with Ghanaians. One party will come and do nothing for the country likewise the other. According to a report by XfmNewsCenter written by David Cudjoe,

Controversial Ghanaian Afro-pop musician, Wanlov Kubolor, who is notorious for criticising politicians in the country, has released another shocker, saying that Ghanaians lack the spirit of anticipation Wanlov classified Africans especially those from the Western part of the continent, as greedy and selfish people who do not think about the well-being of their countries.

He said Americans go an extra mile to serve their country even if they gain less but West Africans always think of their ‘stomach’ first.

Speaking with Kwaku David on Xfm’s Xpress Breakfast Show, the artiste elaborated on a comment he passed which was recently published. In that article, he said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) are playing table tennis with Ghanaians.

Explaining the earlier remark, he said most people understood him when he made that comment because these two parties have been in power for decades but always blaming each other rather than solving the problems of this country.

The award winning Afro-pop musician said things seem not to be getting better because politicians are doing nothing to improve the living conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian who vote for them.

He disclosed how disappointed he was about the way recent politicians handle the affairs of this country adding that there is no essential reason to vote for anyone.

“When I’m here I vote but I don’t think the voting is doing anything for us because if you vote for one person or the other person, they are all coming to do the same thing. I will only vote when I think there is a party doing something for me,” he said.

The recent crisis confronting the country was described by the artiste as an unfortunate situation and also advised Ghanaians especially the youth to stop depending on politicians.


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