President Mahama urges Ghanaians to use talents profitably

President MahamaPresident John Dramani Mahama on Sunday appealed to Ghanaians to harness their talents to support government in the national development agenda.

He said the development of technology by advanced countries demonstrated the positive sides of harnessing talents, but the abuse of such innovations, he warned, was inimical to socio-economic development.

“The development of mobile phones and computers are meant to facilitate our work in offices, industries and other sectors, but what we witness at certain areas is the posting of pornographic materials in such networks, defeating the purpose for which such gadgets were developed,” the President added.

President Mahama made the appeal when he joined the congregation of the Assemblies of God Church at Effiakuma in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.

The church service climaxed his three-day working visit to the Western Region, where he inspected on- going development projects, addressed durbars and interacted with chiefs and people of the region.

The service was also attended by Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, the Clergy and the National Democratic Congress national executives and supporters.

He appealed to the Church to preach against social evils that were likely to undermine the growth and development of the country.

President Mahama said Ghanaians could continue to pray for 24 hours, but if they did not change the attitude towards work, their prayers would be in vain, and urged them to be innovative to support government to develop the country.

On development projects,President Mahama said government was developing roads, expanding the ports and building sea defence walls, which he said would create numerous jobs for the teeming youth of the country

He said the Western Region was the next growth pole apart from the Accra -Tema areas, and urged the people of the region to support the Assemblies to achieve those goals.

Reverend Carl Menyah, President of Every Home Crusade, warned Christians and Ghanaians against classical, ethnic and political discrimination, as ‘that can only succeed in retrogressing our development agenda’.

He said there was nothing wrong with belonging to a particular ethnic group or political party, but such affiliations should be nurtured towards nation-building, that would be beneficial to all Ghanaians and succeeding generations. GNA

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  1. The university of Ghana remains the primary source of economists and political thought in Ghana. That Ghana should be in this state of affairs is reflective of the failures of Legon.

    The premier university of Ghana – The University of Ghana Legon sadly does not appear in the top
    500 universities on earth. This must be corrected immediately. The university in order to achieve this must improve:
    1) Faculty student ratio
    2) The number of research projects it carries out
    3) The test scores of its entry class (internationally normalised)
    4) Employers’ review of performance of its graduates (local and abroad)
    5) Peer review by other universities

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