Ghana is “leaderless” under Mahama – Josiah Aryeh

Aryeh receiving NDP certificateFormer General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Josiah Aryeh has launched a scathing attack against the Mahama administration saying the country is in a state of leaderlessness despite having a President.

“One question that I never tire of asking myself is how come that when given the freedom of choice to act out of our own volition, we act in such a way that we end up in a situation and a condition of real leaderlessness. Yes indeed we are leaderless. We are without a manager”, Dr Aryeh told supporters to roaring applause at the National Democratic Party’s regional delegate’s congress in the Ashanti regional Kumasi on Saturday.

He wondered: “How come that we Ghanaians, a very proud people, should have a situation like that?”

Dr Aryeh added that: “Even law Professors are scratching their heads as to how this can come about because we believe that the Ghanaian deserves the best. And we can do better than we are experiencing right now”.

“How come that in the era that inaugurated the economy, we see no sign of oil?”

“Because you see, I wasn’t there before and I compare certain people – I don’t wanna name names – to a gang of thieves. They go stealing, burgling in the night and because you and I are not part of the game that stole, you will never see any sign of the booty, because if you saw the booty, you will let them out so they keep the booty to themselves”, he roared at the congress.

At the event was former first leader Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings who founded the NDP.

Source: radioxyz

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  1. This is the problem when we cast our votes based on TRIBAL.
    This Man is the second most brain dead ever to rule Ghana,J.J.Rawlings was the first.
    Rawlings CHAIN will soon be distributed to Ghanaians

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