Kofi Annan Centre trains people in Copyright issues

The Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT in collaboration with the Harvard Law School, the Harvard X Distance Learning Initiative and the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society also at Harvard University in the US has begun a 12-week online course in Copyright for 28 persons.

The course, which is free and commenced on 27th January 2014, would use a combination of pre-recorded lectures, online and face -to -face discussions, and live webcasts to engage students.

Speaking during an orientation for the students on Monday, Ms Dorothy Gordon, Director-General for the Centre, said the course dubbed CopyrightX, was intended to give participants a deeper understanding and knowledge of copyright law and its related issues.

She said each week participants of CopyrightX would be expected to watch an 80 minute recorded lectures, read the assigned materials and participate in an asynchronous online discussion on issues presented by the lectures and the readings.

“They will also be required to attend an 80-minute synchronous discussion section conducted via video, audio, and text chart”, she added.

She said participants would only be awarded certificates after the completion of the course and passing the examination conducted as well as attending at least 10 out of 12 weekly discussion sections.

Ms Gordon mentioned Brazil, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria and India as some of the countries which were also running the course in collaboration with the Harvard University.

The participants, mostly people with Information Technology background, would be awarded certificates by the Centre.

The course would be facilitated by Ms Dorothy Habadah, a State Attorney with the Copyright Office of Ghana, and Mrs Sheila Nah Afi Clinton, an Intellectual Property lawyer. GNA

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