Ellembelle DCE appeals for support for pig farmers

Mr Daniel Kamatu Eshun, District Chief Executive for Ellembelle District, has made a passionate appeal to corporate organisations to support pig farmers whose livestock were infected with African swine fever.

He said because more than 900 infected pigs would be slaughtered and burnt, the assembly had to support pig farmers with new piggery to sustain their livelihoods.

Mr Eshun told the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday that 959 pigs had been infected with the viral disease and that out of 581 pigs at Anochie, 377 had been identified to have been infected.

He said it had been confirmed that pigs at Anochie and Barku in the coastal belt of the district had been infected while the disease was gradually spreading to Egalichie and Egalipuli.

Meanwhile, Dr Christopher Tagoe, Western Regional Veterinary Officer, said pigs in the district had been banned from being transported outside while new ones would not be accepted into the district.

He said pig farmers had been educated on how to handle the outbreak of the African swine fever to prevent the disease from spreading to other districts in the region.

He said after all the infected pigs had been destroyed and pig pens disinfected, the farmers had to observe 40 days sentinel before accepting new ones into the district to ensure that the disease had been eliminated from the area. GNA

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