USA to approach Ghanaian coach to spy on Ghana ahead of 2014 World Cup

Ghana Black StarsThe technical hierarchy of the United States Senior Soccer team is considering appointing Ghana coach Robert Sackey as a scout for US coach Juergen Klinsmann ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

Sackey, who has lived in US for close to twenty-three years, disclosed to Asempa FM Sports that the US have approached him on the possibility of tapping into his vast wealth of knowledge and experience as a Ghanaian to help the US trainer to plan how to deal with the Black Stars when the two countries clash at the World Cup.

“It is true that the USA have started talking to me but I have not met coach Klinsmann yet,” Sackey said on Asempa FM Sports.

“When we were going to the 2010 World Cup we had a Serbian coach and he coached (Ghana) against his own country.”

“The USA now has a German coach and he will face his own country at the the World Cup. This is called professionalism.”

“If the US calls me, there is no way I will turn them down but my heart is with Ghana.”

“We are going for a workshop in England with top US coaches and I understand Klinsmann will be there with us, but the door is opened to Ghana and the US.”

The US-based Ghanaian technical brain served Ghana on an advisory capacity in the technical team of the Black Stars in the run up to the 2006 FIFA World Cup and during the competition in Germany.

Ghana will begin its 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament when they face the Yanks of USA in a group G encounter on 16th June at Arena das Dunas in Natal, Brazil.

Source: asempa fm

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  1. It’s called SCOUTING…not SPYING 😉 We don’t need him to fly drones over Ghana. He is not going in undercover. He won’t have any special access. He would just be more familiar with the previous training approach, and has likely been following the various player histories for the past few years like US fans follow the news of the Yanks abroad and would be more familiar with the personalities and stories in the local press. Just like Like he, says Klinnsy doesn’t “spy” on the Germans. We have coaches and staff more directly familiar with the Austrian and Mexican and previous players in Holland if we wanted more details or a better understanding of things on the ground there. Other countries add coaches from England, Serbia, Spain, Italy, etc…and its for their experience, not spying. Besides living in America for 23 years….he has lived in the US more than many of our players have been alive…and some of the guys on the USMNT might not have even lived in the US for 23 months ;-)….plus….that might even mean he has lived in the US longer than Klinns. I don’t care if he has only been here for 23 days if he can help us win (even if its just a small boost of confidence to the staff or players to know they are doing everything we can to prep) and, more importantly, wants to help, I say “WELCOME!!” but the fact that he is a real part of both cultures is one of the things that is so great about America and our USMNT. It could be a great career move for him….its the World Cup!….heck I am a huge USMNT fan…and if Ghana wants to fly me over and give me a jazzy uniform to tell them what I know about players and tactics you can count me in if it means I can tell my grand kids I was there on the sideline for all the world cup games 🙂 I will say….some people winced when we saw Ghana in the draw because of the history….but I think its perfect as a USMNT fan. I have been begging for a rematch after 2010….and I would much rather have it be in the group stage and get it done at the start to rally the team going forward. It could have been any team….and I don’t know how Ghana feels about playing against some of the other countries in the Cup….but if nothing else its a great story and I am looking forward to this match way more than Ronaldo and the other 10 guys. Its not a “Group of Death”…its a group of interesting stories with the group. If you asked me who would be two of the biggest matches “story wise” for the world cup Germany would be a clear choice and Ghana would have certainly been my next pick. Adding a country like Portugal with its historical and cultural connections to Brazil and of course one of the biggest personalities in the game isn’t a bad option either. Can’t wait.

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