The ‘Foodless’ Birthday Party By Michelle Obama

Is Strange. But It’ll Save State Cash

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama is the first lady of the United States of America, one of the most powerful nations of the world.

As spouse to the president of the U S, many people the world over might be wondering what she meant by requesting all invited guests to her 50th birthday anniversary to eat before coming to her party. This story is true not fiction especially when the news was carried by powerful news media like the BBC, CNN and the New York Daily News

The news was that, Michelle Obama has asked guests attending her 50th birthday bash at the White House next week to wear comfortable shoes, practice their dance moves and eat before coming to the party as there will be no meal provided.

In a save-the-date email guests have been advised to dine before coming to the ‘Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert’ party on January 18.
Michelle’s actual birthday is on January 17 and she is currently enjoying President Barack Obama’s gift – an extended vacation in Hawaii. The First Lady will celebrate the milestone birthday at the White House.

Michelle does not want to mess around with food at her 50th birthday party and therefore guests have been instructed to eat before they arrive at the White House, the New York Daily News reported.

The coterie of invitees received the email for the event, with strict guidelines to wear comfortable shoes, practice their dance moves and arrive with a full stomach? a directive that has left some etiquette experts scratching their heads.

Almost all private persons in the United States and the nations of the world including the third world be wondering what is happening. Even they would not treat guests to their parties this way. They would provide variety of food to invited guests at birthday parties.

However this order to invited guests to Michelle Obama’s birthday as a dancing party might be meant for the participants to maintain their shape prepare well for the tasks ahead. Apart from that it might be meant to also save the tax payers cash. Well private entrepreneurs making money could afford lavish spending on parties on the profits they make.

Whatever the reason for the ‘foodless’ party, it would save the White House a colossal amount of tax payers money. In Ghana the government has also stopped the practice of spending huge amount of money to purchase hampers that are given to board members and other working partners by government establishments. The action taken would definitely save the nation a large amount of money needed in health, education and agriculture etc, but which otherwise would gone down the drain.

One thing that eats into the coffers of states is expenditure of state money on annual parties for government establishments. Governments in Ghana and Africa have a duty to verify expenditure on them. Governments must also take a hard look at expenditure of their budgets on many workshops, fora and other such activities by government establishments that might not be necessary.

The real motive for the ‘foodless’ party by Michelle Obama is not known. But if it is meant to save the tax payers cash it is well and good.

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