Video: The Alligator Kids: What is government doing about this?

Alligator Kids GhanaHappy New Year to you all!

I came across this video of the plight of some children in the North suffering from this dreadful disease which I understand is curable. As a Ghanaian, I feel extremely sad and ashamed to have seen this especially when a foreigner travels thousands of miles to bring to our attention.

Is the government of Ghana aware of the plight of these children? Surely the government can help and SHOULD HELP!

I wish not to politicise this, but it is really sad to see the nation’s resources diverted into the pockets of individuals through corruption when the vulnerable and those that need it the most suffer. What a shame and how sad!

By this email, I wish to draw the attention (if not already aware) of the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Minister of Information, the Presidency and all concerned citizens so we all see some of the challenges that we face as a nation and, I hope we are remembered of this video each day as we carry out our responsibilities as ordinary citizens or leaders of the nation.

God bless Ghana!

Warning: This video contains some very disturbing scenes

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  1. My Tears will not help but I feel a shameful as a Ghanian

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