South Sudan’s Salva Kir Runs to T.B. Joshua – Will Putin do the Same?

TB JoshuaOn Sunday, December 29, 2013 the auditorium of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria was packed with thousands of international visitors, including Malawian president Joyce Banda, as Prophet T.B. Joshua showed them a letter from South Sudan president Salva Kiir asking for prayers after hearing of the prophecy he gave concerning his nation.

The prophet then instructed his congregation to pray for cease fire and reconciliation.

After the prayer, T.B. Joshua started to prophesy about the coming year of 2014.

He said that “Many giant nations will become small nations and many small nations will become giant nations.” In particular he mentioned that the country Russia was to face trouble soon.

He said, “We have to pray for the nation of Russia because I’m seeing a great war coming against them.

Their leader will face a greater opposition and the opposition will be so much that it may squeeze him and that will turn the nation into another thing.”

The very next day Russia was hit by what was said to be a terrorist attack when an explosion hit a trolleybus during the Monday morning rush hour in the city of Volgograd.

Could this be the beginning of what T.B. Joshua was speaking of? Two days after the SCOAN’s prayers, the rebel leader Riek Machar agreed to a cease fire saying he will enter peace talks, but will that encourage Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to acknowledge T.B.


  1. In the beginning GOD made them male and female. Gods ,s anger is on anyone who practices that dirty act called gay. You must fear God and live.

  2. please get your facts right. If he had the services on sunday and the bombings happened on 28th of December.

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