Pastor says Christmas must be used to make peace

The Reverend Kwame Ameyibor, Pastor of the Oyibi Presbyterian Church of Ghana, on Wednesday advised Christians to use the Christmas season to make peace with God.

He said: “One cannot be at peace with himself or herself if he does not have peace with God the Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit” and urged Christians to ensure that they have spiritual peace.

Rev. Ameyibor was speaking at the Malejor Congregation of the Presbyterian Church Christmas service on the theme: “Peace”.

He said it was spiritual peace with God that guaranteed inner peace and this translated to peace within families, communities and the society as a whole.

Rev. Ameyibor said people should learn to celebrate Christmas from the bottom of their heart and therefore any act of kindness they showed during the season should be from their heart and not just facially.

At the Harvest Chapel International headquarters at Tesano, Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor appealed to Ghanaians against excessive merry-making during the season because it was an opportune period to soberly reflect on the relevance of the birth of Christ.

He said although it was good to make merry and exchange gifts during Christmas to foster social cohesion, its real essence should not be thrown under the carpet.

He said Christmas was a period that must be celebrated vis-à-vis the demonstration of the real values that the church upheld as a body of Christ.

“We must avoid all ungodly acts that stand contrary to the precepts of the church and dent the image of Christ,” he said.

Rev. Odonkor called on Ghanaians to pray unceasingly for the sustainability of the peace in the country, adding that the democratic path the country had chosen was still at a fledging state and that it would take a continuous and constant supplication for it to thrive.

During the service children aged between one and 18 years took charge of proceedings, leading worship, song ministration, poetry recitals, chorography, sharing messages of Christmas as the main congregation took the backstage. GNA

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