Apremdo market cries for attention

The Apremdo market is rapidly degenerating into a slum and thereby losing its status as a reputed business centre in the metropolis.

The once vibrant economic centre constructed 15 years ago has witnessed quick to slow business activities, reducing the huge financial investment by city authorities to meaningless.

A visit by the GNA to ascertain the preparation for the Christmas season rather revealed a worrying situation as most women complained of low patronage.
Market women identified the inadequate parking space for patrons, delay in the collection of refuse and the deteriorating amenities as some factors that were continuously making the marketplace not conducive for business.

The women claimed that numerous complaints to the Metropolitan Assembly had not yielded any positive results.
They also argued that a clean and safe environment will make the market attractive and safe for customers to patronize the market which would boost economic activities as well as the creation of opportunities for the locally operated businesses to thrive and expand.

Mr Anthony Parker, Chairman for the Market Association urged the Assembly to adopt integrated solid waste management approach to free the market of filth and called for commitment on the part of stakeholders to revamp the once buoyant market.

Mr John Laste, the Assembly’s Public Relations Officer said the market would be given to an investor to redevelop and activate the bus terminals for economic activities to go on. GNA

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