Commodity prices close mixed-Survey

Prices of major commodities in the major markets in the country have closed the week mixed, either on the rise or on the fall, the Esoko-GNA survey has shown.

In the two main Aboabo and Tamale Central markets, commodities such as tomatoes, onions, yam and wheat have been increased while beans, maize and wheat remained stable.

A bowl of tomato, which was sold at GH¢8.00 last week is now being sold at GH¢10.00 this week. Onion, which also sold at GH¢9.00 last week is now being sold at GH¢15.00 this week.

The price of beans, however, fell from GH¢7.00 to GH ¢5.00.

In Koforidua, prices remained unchanged at the close of trading on Friday.

For the ninth consecutive week in three months, food prices had remained same with only slight increases in tomatoes and garden eggs which have been attributed to the weather pattern.

A bowl of tomatoes had increased from GH¢5.00 to GH¢6.00.

At the Madina market, five fingers of plantain which cost GH¢2.00 still remains the same as well as a tuber a yam which cost GH¢3.00

An olonka of tomatoes which went for GH¢10.00 last week was unchanged from last week, as well as an olonka of beans which cost GH¢11.00.

At the Tema station market, prices are stable. The price of a bowl of tomatoes has maintained its price at GH₵12 over the past week. A plantain seller said, a bunch of ripe plantain has also maintained its price at GH₵5.00.

An olonka of red pepper is sold at GH₵4.00 and an olonka of green pepper is going for GH₵ 3.00.

At the Labadi market, the prices of certain seasonal vegetables such as pepper, tomatoes, onions and garden eggs have increased a bit whiles others remains the same.

At the Makola market prices have remained stable and others increased as compared to last week.

Prices of commodities like beans and maize are unchanged while pepper and yam are on the increase.

A bowl of beans for example is going for GH¢12.00 same as at last week. GNA

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