Heads of Agriculture sensitized on LI 1961

A three-day sensitisation workshop for Heads of Food and Agriculture on Legislative Instrument (LI) 1961, which was passed a few years ago, is underway in Koforidua.

The workshop is to take the heads through their roles and responsibilities as enshrined in the LI and to also provide them with a smooth integration into the local government system.

Opening the workshop, Mr Joseph Dasanah, Chief Director of the Local Government Service, said the integration of the agriculture sector into the local government system meant the heads would no longer rely on their headquarters but on the district assemblies.

He said that would help identify and resolve challenges urgently and directly at the local level and it would also help to reinforce their work to improve and promote agriculture in the country.

Mr Abdulai Zachari, Eastern Regional Co-ordinating Director, lauded the Local Government Service for the bold step taken to ensure that the LI becomes operationalised.

He said the LI would help both the assemblies and the Agriculture sector officers to formulate policies that would improve agriculture in the districts.

“The end product of good governance is what we take at the table, which is to a large extent, from agriculture so this will help enrich planning at the districts as far as agriculture is concerned,” he said. GNA

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