U.S leads in Typhoon Haiyan aid among nations

Apart from the United Nations  as an organization, The United States is so far delivering the most aid to those most affected by the Typhoon Haiyan which also is said to be the strongest storm ever recorded. The storm has killed thousands and has displaced over 800,000 people.

The U.S government has pledged $20 million dollars in aid so far placing it at 1st place followed by The United Kingdom which announced a $16.1 million dollars aid  to support the recovery efforts . See list of the highest donating nations in the world below:

U.N.: 25 million

U.S.: 20 million

UK: 16.1 million

UAE: 10 million

Australia: 9.5 million

Canada: 4.8 million

European Union: 4 million

Norway: 3.4 million

Denmark: 3.1 million

New Zealand: 1.75 million

Ireland: 1.4 million

Vatican: 150,000

China: 100,000

Source: U.N. OCHA

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